Style Oct 12, 2011

Lounging at the Library

{ Copley Library at USD }

I would be lying to you all if I posted some cute glamourous outfit post today… because the fact of the matter is life the past couple of days has been far from glamourous. The only outfit I have been in this week has consisted of comfy sweats and a t-shirt with no make-up and a messy bun. Over the weekend I developed a new obsession with the Law Library at USD… yeah I know I’m not a Law Student (nor will I ever be) but their library is amazing it is SO quiet that studying in there has made the world of difference. I have found that I get WAY more accomplished at the Library as opposed to when I am at home tempted to watch every show on our DVR. All the hours spent at the library this week will be well worth it come Thursday evening when I am on a plane back to the bay area to see all the people I love most. Just one more day. Happy Hump Day!

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