Style Oct 17, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Although I love my little place in San Diego, there is no place like home. I never really realized how much I actually missed home until I was there. It seemed like everything was better when I was home. I had one of the most amazing weekends these past few days. I decided to share a few little moments that made this weekend perfect.

{ Date night at Mangia Mi (also seen here)}

{ October Festivities }

  • Driving down the street and seeing all the decorations my grandma puts out for the holidays! Our gate was decorated in black and orange and there were cob webs, ghosts, and pumpkins everywhere
  • Enjoying a nice barbequed steak with the family out by the fire pit in the backyard.
  • Sleeping on a bed that feels like a cloud as well as in a room where the sun doesn’t shine through until 2 in the afternoon. (major ++)
  • Whistling and having the bird whistle back
  • Having the honor to take pictures at a wedding
  • Walking into Yogurt Shack and finding out they had my favorite flavors (Coffee & Raspberry topped with Dark Choc. Chips)
  • Walking my brother out on the field at his last homecoming football game before he starts high school.
  • A surprise run-in with my aunts, uncle and cousins
  • Warm baked cookies by my mom the night of my arrival
  • Enjoying a nice date night at our favorite place in town!
  • Carving pumpkins/catching up with old friends
  • Being woken up by a jump on the bed from not only the cat and dogs but the boyfriend
  • Receiving endless love from my cat Cali (seen here)
  • Dancing around the house with the little boy I babysit while listening to the ghost sing a song
Overall I think you could say I had a spectacular weekend, all these things made it extremely hard to leave but now I have something to look forward!

{ Preview from this weekends photo-shoot }


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