Finally Friday Dec 09, 2011

Finally Friday

Do you ever have those weeks that seem like there going to be longer than ever starting Monday morning  and then come Thursday night you go to look at whats due tomorrow and realize (ohh my) its Friday already? My week in a nut shell. I am happy it is Friday but can’t believe the weekend is already here… the one thing I really look forward to EVERY Saturday is being able to sleep in past 6 am. Sadly this weekend I will either be in the library or at my desk studying for finals. I would much rather be out Christmas shopping or hitting the beach (yes in December, quite an adjustment for me), but I just keep reminding myself that I am almost done and when I am I will be able to fully relax and properly enjoy the holidays. Here are a few things around the house this week that kept me smiling.

{ New initial necklace from Nordstroms }


{ Adding something new to my room }

{First wrapped present of the season }

{ Treating my self to a home manicure }

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