Outfits Feb 02, 2012

Bed Time

Sleep is something that I think everyone values, its funny how as a child I hated nap time, but now I would give anything to have an hour dedicated to sleep during the day. Each night before I go to bed, I go through my “nightly” routine (different than my morning routine). Below is a to do list I have to go through before I close my eyes.

– Turn on my heating blanket
– Get a cup of ice cold water with lemon
– Wash my face with the products seen here/Brush teeth
– Neatly place my pillows on the ground (makes it easier to make the
bed in the morning)
– Take out all bobby pins and hair ties
– Turn on candles and either read my book or look for recipes
– Write down any ideas, thoughts or errands that come to mind
– Put lotion on my feet and hands

Inside my nightstand:
– Brush
– Headband, Hair Ties, Bobby Pins
– Melatonin supplements (great for the nights you toss and turn for hours)
– Lotion
– Ibuprofen
– iPhone charger

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