Finally Friday Feb 03, 2012

Finally Friday

To be honest, this week was one of “those” weeks. It started out great until Tuesday, the day I have class from 7:45 in the morning until 9pm at night. I think the final incident that put me over the edge for the night was staying up late to do laundry only to find out two hours later that the dryer was broken, so now I am up past my bed time with two huge loads of WET laundry. At that moment in time I just told myself to go to bed nothing was going to get better. Wednesday morning I woke up to the most amazing sunrise, it made me want to change my week around! I started by grabbing my boxing gloves for an early morning workout, and then throwing on some pink to celebrate the new month. I am happy that it is Finally Friday and am thrilled to hop in the car and take a mini road trip to LA this weekend. Here are some more of the little things I payed attention to during this long, exhausting week.

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