Outfits Apr 18, 2012

Nerdy Side

Within the past year, I have become seriously obsessed with technology. I love finding new little gadgets that are adorable & fashionable as well as functional. Recently, I was gifted with a new, incredibly fascinating, Photo Editing Tablet. Every time I use this new “techy” item, I am totally engaged and I lose track of all time. I did a little research and I put together a collage of a few more fun, geek-y, and mechanically savvy items for the home, office, backpack or purse that you may enjoy too. Spring is here, and I’m not at all embarrassed to admit that I’m TECHNOLOGICALLY obsessed this Spring Season. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who is pre-occupied with external USB drives, fun iPhone lenses, dorky coffee cups and exciting laptop cases. Are you obsessed too? Have a magically “Techy” day!!!

  1. The Good Flock – Computer Case – $109
  2. Kate Spade – iPhone 4 Case – $40
  3. Blue Tooth – Varies
  4. Fred Flare – Key USB – $10
  5. Thomas Paul – iPad Case – $52.99
  6. Lens Coffee Mugs – $15
  7. ModCloth- Yellow Phone -35.99
  8. iPhone Lenses – $16

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  1. I am a total techie. It’s kind of nice to know there is a kindred spirit out there who knows you can be stylish and nerdy all at the same time!!