Recipes Apr 19, 2012

Orzo Salad

I am always on the search for healthy lunch recipes because I am always on the move. On Tuesday’s, I don’t have a minute to spare so I plan ahead and prepare my meals in advance. I made up my own fresh and effortless springtime salad that can be made in advance. After you prepare your ingredients, you can put into containers, refrigerate, and then grab “lunch on the go” for hectic days like mine. It’s the easiest way to fuel up during your lunch break and ensure healthy consumption. To guarantee the quality of each bite is fresh and yummy, I usually add a few dried cranberries, almonds, & quinoa right before I’m ready to eat. To avoid unsightly discoloration, the avocados should be added at the last minute too. If you are feeling sweet… can also add some fresh fruit for a pop of color and a light taste of sweetness. If you need to add a little protein, you can add a few pieces of chicken. Finally, you can drizzle a little balsamic vinaigrette over the top to bind it all together. You will absolutely love this refreshingly, scrumptious salad. Bon Appetite….Enjoy!


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