Outfits May 17, 2012


Some days you just need a little POP of color in your life… whether it is earrings, shoes, a hair accessory, a flower, a pen or a phone case! Colors continually make me smile and forever brighten up a dreary or uneventful day. The other day I was popping through the mall to make some returns and came across these hot pink babies … get this; they were only $12.00. Therefore…., Walking out of the store without these hot pink pants in my H&M bag, was definitely not and option. They are perfect for a simple yet stylish outfit. All you have to do is throw on a white or grey tee and you look casually chic.

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  1. Adorable Pictures! Love the Color—- and the pants look great on you……Kim Kardashian & J Lo…..move over—- a new donk in town!
    I Miss You!