Outfits May 30, 2012

Sandy Toes

Forever21 – Shirt/Shorts/Bangles, Target -Shoes, Sunglasses-RayBan (Mia’s)

Growing up in Northern California meant that going to the beach was an all day event.  We would pack up the car with coolers, towels, extra clothes, chairs, sand toys, games, and little people and drive to the closest beach which was usually in the Santa Cruz area. After I moved to San Diego, it took me a while to realize that traveling to the beach didn’t need to be an exhausting all day event, with hours of preparation in advance. After almost one year of living in San Diego, I just started to take advantage of last minute, unprepared, spontaneous jaunts to the beach, to eat dessert and watch the sunset, or just stick my toes in the sand for no reason at all. A few years ago when my boyfriend and I came down to San Diego for vacation, I regretfully & embarrassingly will never forget throwing a temper tantrum about strolling & sitting in the sand in my regular street clothes. It is safe to say that I have not only matured, but I have out grown that mentality and I have learned to KAPTURE every minute of every opportunity.  I have a new found obsession, and I absolutely love the texture of sand now and I don’t mind getting it in my shoes or my pant pockets just as long as I know I can hop in a warm shower when I get home!



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