Outfits May 29, 2012

Gone to the beach house

This weekend we jetted to the beach house. Mia and I hopped in the car and decided to abandon the beach town that we live in, which was gloomy, grey & overcast, and travel to another beach town that, resembled the serene, charming picture that I snapped (above). Dana Point was absolutely gorgeous, and the water was seriously crystal clear and yes….., that blue! The weather was beautiful over Memorial weekend, so we took full advantage and Kaptured every moment, Kailani style!  It has definitely been a while since I completely shut down the computer for more than just the 7 hours that I sleep at night.  My computer remained dormant the entire weekend. We enjoyed soaking up some rays by relaxing in the sun, we collected shells, made a scrumptious dinner, played cards and smash-ball, flipped through endless magazines, hiked, and enjoyed burritos and beer. I must say that this Memorial Day weekend was thoroughly relaxing, tranquil & exceptionally enjoyable! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as we did!

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