Finally Friday May 25, 2012

Finally Friday

{ Peach Tea from Crystal Light }

Words can’t describe how happy I am that it is FINALLY FRIDAY. I endured & survived the agony of finals week only to begin summer school at another university the very next day, all I can say is……chaos.! This coming weekend, I plan to hang out by the beach, give my desk a little TLC in the organization department and make some yummy treats for Memorial Day. Here are some things that brightened up my week despite the fact that my school schedule has been so stressful.

{ Snail Mail Crafts }

{ Ribs work in the oven just as well as on the BBQ }

{ Satisfied our cravings last night paired with a movie }

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  1. Love your blog!!!! Love your photos!!!! How do you make the peach tea? Love, Miz. Edson