Outfits May 22, 2012

In a mood

Yes, I am in a mood, obnoxious attitude at its best! A mood I’m not proud of nor displayed often, nevertheless, an unpleasant mood! It’s the kind of mood where people don’t want to be around you, an uptight, in the zone study mood. Last night, instead of getting tear-y eyed and sad I decided to laugh……Laugh a lot! Laughter is a great remedy for stress relief. My roommate Mia and I found humor in pictures posted on pinterest exclusively about finals week. At this point why cry? Tears won’t make the information stick in my head, and they sure as heck won’t make the test easier….so why cry, when you can laugh? There are no photos today because last night at 2 a.m., I really had no desire or extra energy to sit on the computer for another hour trying to create a display of pictures for my daily post today. Tomorrow and Thursday I will be back with picture so please just hang tight!

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