Outfits May 21, 2012

Rip Tide

{ A fun video from this weakend }

This weekend my roommate Mia and I ventured to the beach to regroup in between preparing for finals. The past couple weeks have been gray and gloomy so we decided that we should take advantage of the beautiful weather and de-stress for an hour, by swimming in the ocean, sipping ice tea, indulging  in  frozen yogurt. We took an evening break to spend some time with my close friends (Connor & Justin) who were visiting from my hometown. We relaxed, laughed and enjoyed dinner at Stacked, our favorite burger joint in San Diego. Words can’t describe how excited I am for Wednesday to come and finals to be over. I am confident that within the past 48 hours I have written 6 essays, a combined total of over 35 pages, and intently & tediously focused while also studying for two major exams.


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