Finally Friday Jun 15, 2012

Finally Friday

Mia’s present brought me to tears… YES, it may just be a butter dish, but I couldn’t be more obsessed with it. This adorable butter dish from Anthropolgie means so much to me, Mia knows me so well.

 It’s crazy how quickly Friday’s sneak up on me. It feels like yesterday that it was just last Sunday when I was teary-eyed dashing to my plane as I travelled back to San Diego from Danville. Summer school is almost over and I am extremely excited. This week was difficult living without my computer and my best friend, but it was a much needed (forced) break from technology. Because of the June gloom weather, here in San Diego, it was a perfect week to catch up on magazines, red box movies, good old fashion creative thinking without my computer, and an ideal time to kick start my new exercise plan. Compliments of Apple, I finally have a fresh new computer back so I will spend this weekend reviewing projects/upcoming collaborations and fine-tuning & working on the final revisions to my websites. That’s right; I have been working endlessly, for months upon months to give this blog a huge facelift. Here are a few things that made me smile this week.

{ 21st birthday countdown starts now… I can’t wait for my glitz and glam party }

{Took full advantage of the ONE day of sun this week }

{ I finally stopped saying “I’ll start tomorrow” }

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  1. That butter dish really is cute.. I think I need to order one for my mom’s new house I know she would love it. I love your posts, Kailani.

    Miney B