Outfits Jun 04, 2012

Get Organized

The past couple months I have been dragging and dropping folders, pictures, documents, contracts and PDF’s onto my desktop. After my computer reaching maximum capacity for the second time this year, I decided to do a little computer cleaning this weekend.  Its like a breath of fresh air when I am able to sit at my computer and ACTUALLY be able to see the desktop picture. Since so much of my life revolves around the computer it is sometimes hard to compartmentalize things into folders when I am in the “zone” I procrastinate and then it just become a huge mess. Over the weekend I sat down and sifted through all the photos, documents and folders and completely organized my desktop. I decided to categorize my desktop folders into school/blog/kapture/legal/personal and within those created subfolders so every document, picture, contract and PDF has a home. A home where I can easily find it the next time I need it. While organizing I got a little distracted and decided to make you all a fun summer oriented desktop calendar. You can download it below. Hope you enjoy… Please feel free to share!

2650×1400/1280×800/1440×900 (15inch Mac)/iPad

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