Outfits Jun 05, 2012

Sea Salt Caramel Cups

I blame my mom for my sweet tooth. She is a candy-holic particularly a sour candy-holic and as much as I do love my watermelon sour patch kids and black licorice, nothing quite satisfies my sweet tooth like dark chocolate caramel cups topped with sea salt. In my town we have a store called Chocolates. I usually pop into the store on days I really need some good old fashioned chocolate. Living almost 900 miles away from home makes it a little difficult to just pop in. So, I decided to make Chocolate, Carmel, Turtles topped with a sprinkle of sea salt and ooh ….ahhh…. I created luscious, melt in your mouth bites of heaven. They are supposed to be made in tiny muffin pans but the only muffin pan I had available was a regular size so that’s what I decided to go with (recipe here). They are so delicious and sweet that I can’t help but eat them when they sit on the counter & stare at me all day long. Next time I make them I will use the smaller pan!

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