Outfits Jun 12, 2012

It’s yo day

Last June, I met my future roommate on craigslist. One year ago today, I texted Mia, to wish her happy birthday and we hadn’t even met in person yet.  Now, a year later, I am writing to tell you all about my amazing best friend on her birthday. This year flew by so incredibly fast, it feels like yesterday we were unloading boxes, maneuvering couches, rugs, pillows, tables and blending each of our own individual belongings to contribute to the creation of our mutual home, in our new apartment. Mia is the most amazing person in the world…she is sweet, compassionate, loving, beautiful, funny, calm, supportive and genuine. I can always count on Mia to tell me the truth about anything. Despite the fact we never met before we became roommates, we never had an awkward moment of silence. We instantly connected and understand each other,  & we get along better than I would have imagined. Over the past twelve months she has always been there for me, not just because we live together, but because she is an amazing friend. After a fight with my boyfriend or a bad grade on a test I could always count on her to say the right thing. Sometimes, I would find little notes telling me everything was going to be alright… eat a brownie. After getting in from the airport last night at 12:30 a.m., I came across one last “Mia note” and an early birthday present. The present couldn’t be more perfect (I will share with you on finally Friday) I am mildly obsessed. I feel so blessed that I found someone as patient and caring as Mia. We share the same interests, passions, similar quirky obsessions and a mutual appreciation and zest for life. Here are some of the things that we have in common which made being roomies memorable and effortless……..Golden Oldies Pandora station, frozen yogurt, sipping Prosecco, changing our nail polish four times in one week, breakfast burritos on the beach, Harry Potter movies, wings, procrastination, squash, photos, and swimming in the ocean. Mia is the one behind the camera taking all my outfit photos and constantly supporting me day in and day out throughout the year. This past year has been incredible and I can honestly say that that I will miss her so much this summer. I could go on and on about how much I just love Mia but I’ll stop. I feel extremely lucky to have met such an amazing person on the internet.  The thought of meeting my roommate online was so frightening but I have craigslist to thank for my new best friend.

Happy Birthday Mi !!!! -Love you

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