Outfits Jun 21, 2012

Wake Up

A secret guilty pleasure of mine is waking up early. This past week I found myself ridiculously frustrated trying to put together a presentation and revise the last section of a paper at 9pm last night. After 45 minutes of whining and complaining to my boyfriend over the phone, I decided to hit the hay. The next morning I got up at 6am and “bam” one hour later both the paper and presentation were finished and I still had time to swiffer and clean the house before school. There is something about getting up early that I value & appreciate, it makes me feel so much more productive throughout the day. Oddly, I get a warm fuzzy feeling after I have made my bed, cleaned the house, do a basket of laundry, take a shower and finally sit down at my desk with a cup of hot coffee, ready to take on emails for the day. I must admit that it is my favorite time of the day. I sit at my desk, turn on Pandora, open the windows to feel the fresh air blow through the house and watch the sunrise. I don’t know how people can work late at night; I get the worst headaches, I have absolutely NO ability to concentrate and I lose my cool. The mornings are when I get sh*^ done.


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  1. I totally understand what you’re saying. I never want to do anything in the night so I’m always glad when I get up early, refreshed and ready to start my day

  2. It runs in the family, it’s in your blood, I couldn’t agree more!!!!
    Keep up the good work ethic and Remember…., The early bird gets the worm…..

  3. I’m totally a morning girl too! There’s nothing better than getting tons of things done on your to do list and it’s only 8:00 a.m. 🙂