Recipes Jun 20, 2012

Garbanzo Snack

Because I work behind the computer almost every day, I always crave a little something to snack on. Sometimes I become so immersed & and involved in my work that I forget to eat small meals throughout the day. Unfortunately, by the time I detach from my work and return back to reality, I am completely famished and I eat anything in sight. I discovered that keeping snack items on my desk helps me not only contain my moodiness but also helps to keep my binge eating to a minimum. As much as I do love my goldfish and pita chips, I opted for a homemade healthy, hearty snack this week. I love garbanzo beans, especially in my salad (seen here) so I decided to make them a crunchy, salty tasty snack using this recipe. Surprisingly, these Chickpeas were delicious and the perfect nutritious snack, full of fiber & also great for your digestive system.  I thoroughly enjoyed nibbling on my new homemade snack between meals while mesmerized at my computer screen.

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