Outfits Jul 19, 2012

Coach at LensCrafters

Brandy Melville – Sweater/ American Eagle -Jeans/ F21 – Necklace/ gifted Coach at LensCrafters glasses ‘the Julayne’/ Essie Polish – A Crewed Interest

The past few days, I have been pre-occupied at home, dashing around the house making centerpieces, hanging lights, or tending to the small details, as I become mesmerized while working at my computer. Yesterday, I threw on my favorite, coral color, Brandy Melville sweater. (Also seen here). I paired it with white jeans, a messy casual, up-do and my new favorite glasses gifted from Coach. This outfit was perfect for running around town as well as hanging around the house. I am so elated to share with you my new favorite pair of LensCrafters Coach Glasses which have been branded as ‘the Julayne’. By wearing these glasses, I no longer have to squint when I’m working at the computer or ask someone to read the guide on the TV for me. LensCrafters also generously gave me a beautiful pair of sunglasses, that I carry everywhere with me (purchase them here)

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  1. LOVE this outfit and those glasses! Miss ya girl! 🙂 Have fun at your bday party!!