Finally Friday Jul 20, 2012

Finally Friday

{ Backyard lights }

Wow this week was extremely long and stressful. I have never been so exhausted than I am right now writing this post… I am struggling to keep my eyes open but I know that by the time you all read this post tomorrow morning I will be up early and at it again. Thursday morning, I decided to ditch the whole florist idea as well as the catering idea. Soooo majority of the day I spent cutting flowers for arrangements and cooking for dinner on Saturday night. Between my grandma, my sisters and my mom we made huge progress. Today, two of my best friends’ celebrate their birthdays so I wish them the most amazing birthday ever. I hope you are both able to relax and enjoy the one day of the year doing what YOU want to do. I am more than excited for my party on Saturday and can’t wait to enjoy all the amazing food, dance the night away, and drink some vodka lemonade. Here is a glimpse at my crazy, creative and cluttered week.

{ Flowers in an old root beer bottle }

{ Fresh baked cookies for ice cream sandwiches on Saturday }

{ Peach + Rosemary +Rafia }

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