Beauty Oct 09, 2012

Daily Skin Care

A few weeks ago, I decided that I really needed to start taking better care of my skin. I went to the local beauty supply store to stock up on some new skin care products. After hours of talking to a specialist, I decided to go with the Dermalogica brand. For a while, I just thought that my skin was shiny because of the heat here in San Diego. But after talking with the skin specialist I realized that it was a combination of both my moisturizer and my naturally oily skin, which never used to be oily. But …., as we get older our body changes, hence the change in my skin type + my previous moisturizer created that shiny appearance. While I was speaking with the specialist she stressed how important it is to properly take care of your skin on a DAILY BASIS. I decided to list bullet points below of the important things we discussed. Here are some of the products I use on a daily basis.

– Salicylic acid is good for clearing up (bad) acne but can leave your skin dry. If you don’t have really bad acne, stay under 2% salicylic. When I am really breaking out, I use the 2% salicylic Stress Face Wash from Neutrogena. But for everyday use I use the .5% salicylic from Dermalogica.
– Moisturizer is VERY important. If you don’t properly moisturize you are more susceptible to wrinkles as you age.
– Exfoliating twice a week is key to healthy skin. When we exfoliate we get rid of the dirt clogging our pores so it is important to purchase a good exfoliate.
– Water! Drinking water is the cheapest and easiest way to achieve healthy skin.
– Never go to bed with your make-up on … NEVER (Yes mom I’m talking to you). At night (during sleep) our bodies enter a regeneration process naturally this process is interrupted if we leave dirt and oil on our faces.

Skin Care Dermalogica:

Clearing Skin Wash – Use every morning and night
Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Mask – Use every other day
Oil Free Moisturizer – OBSESSED with this product. Use every morning and night

Laura Mercier – Tinted Moisturizer (Oil Free)
Laura Mercier – Translucent Setting Power
Benefit – Erase Paste
Benefit – Mascara
Maybelline – Brow Pencil
Maybelline – Liquid Eyeliner

Shop my routine below:

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