DIY Oct 01, 2012

Gift it up

In lieu of October 1st I thought it was only appropriate to post something Orange and Black related. Home cooked food can sometimes make the best present. This weekend I went up to LA to visit two good friends. Before I hit the road I decided to put some cookies in the oven to bring with me. I purchased these great gift boxes a couple weeks ago in the Target dollar section. At the time I wasn’t quite sure what I would use them for but the past few days they have come in handy. Instead of throwing the cookies in foil or a zip-loc baggie I decided to put them in these cute boxes. I added a little of my own touch to them with glitter and ribbon. I absolutely love packaging.. sadly, I will admit that sometimes I purchase items solely because of the adorable packaging. When I see great boxes, ribbon, cards etc I stalk up. So needless to say that this fall I am fully stalked with fun boxes, bags and containers that I plan to decorate according to the holidays. Here is how I added my personal flair to this cute $1.00 polka-dot box.

Glitter Box:
– Double Side Tape
– Martha Stewart Glitter
– Place double stick tape onto box and sprinkle glitter until you can no longer see the tape

Ribbon Box:
– Ribbon
– Glue
– Cut ribbon to size and glue onto box

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