Outfits Oct 02, 2012

Oreo Bark

Sitting in class hungry is THE worst feeling in the world… especially when you decide to look online for recipes to try during class. The second class ended I drove straight to the store to purchase food for dinner. While picking up meat and veggies, I grabbed some Oreos and white chocolate to make some Oreo Bark to enjoy while we watched the Season Premiere of Modern Family. I was surprised at how easy and quick Oreo Bark took to make. When I purchase it at a candy store it looks rather difficult but it’s NOT.  It requires two ingredients and maybe 20 minutes of time to make. This is such a great food gift that people would never expect. So if you are in need of bringing a dessert to a party in the near future whip up a batch of these for something different and tasty. Here is the recipe.

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