Fall Nov 26, 2012

Change of pace

Boy oh boy …….. the past few days have been hectic and overwhelming. On Tuesday night I flew into town super late. The second I stepped off the plane, I could feel the crisp Bay Area chilly air. I could instantly feel that I was no longer in San Diego. Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday were jam-packed with photo-shoots but the evening was filled with fun trips to the city or dinner and drinks with friends. Although this break was a quick one, it was nice to be home. Saturday night I went into the city with some friends for a basketball game… the weather was cold and misty. I barely packed anything to come home and the items I did pack were sweats and big t-shirts. Luckily I left my favorite black coat at home, so I added a beanie, I threw on my glitzy sneakers, and ventured out for dinner, dessert and a basketball game. This week will be a crazy one but I am looking forward to tackling some work before the weekend.

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