Outfits Dec 03, 2012

A peak at new shoots

This weekend was primarily dedicated to working. I kid you not; on SaturdayI woke up at 7 am and remained on the couch until 5pm working on emails andediting shoots. The one big advantage to working from home is that you can remain in yoga pants and a big t-shirt while watching ABC Christmas movies. While Saturday was a successful work day, I still have three more shoots to edit and then I will be all caught up for the holiday season.  I thought that I would share with you some photos of my beautiful clients and their families. Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to my first NFL game down here in San Diego. By 9 pm last night I was absolutely exhausted and I could barely keep my eyes open for my favorite show, Homeland. I am now in the homestretch of my first semester of my senior year. The next couple of weeks will be chaotic and stressful until finals are completely over. I hope you all had a greatweekend!  If you would like to check out more photos from the shoots visit Kapture.

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