Outfits Dec 04, 2012

Key Lime Pie

I am not a pie person but when a friend told me that his favorite dessert was Key Lime Pie I figured that I must try it (at least once). I have never made this flavor of pie before. Generally my pies are filled with ice-cream, chocolate and heath bar so I was a little intimidated throughout the process. His birthday passed a couple days ago so I took it on as a challenge and made his favorite dessert (using this recipe). Instead of one large Key Lime Pie, I decided to make little mini-pies so everyone would be able to enjoy eating them while we watched a holiday movie this past weekend. To my surprise, I am a new fan of Key Lime Pie… it might not be my go-to dessert but it’s definitely something that I won’t pass up in the future, especially if it’s sitting in front of me.

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  1. Those mini key lime pies are adorable. I recently learned how to make key lime pie and loved it. Its a simple and tasty dessert.