Outfits Jan 24, 2013

Beach Bag Essentials

Anyone who lives by the beach knows that it’s an absolute mandatory necessity, to always have a properly packed beach bag. The weather has been so perfect in San Diego lately, so when I come home from the gym at 10a.m I head straight to the beach. I am not the beach bum who sits or relaxes idle for hours upon hours in the sun. I always get restless so I pack a variety of activities to help pass the time. My usual staple sun activities consist of ….. Playing cards, flipping through a huge stack of magazines, watching a TV show on my phone, or my all-time favorite beach game, smash ball. I always carry a smaller bag, inside my Big beach bag which holds my Sun-Screen SPF 45, my tanning lotion, ear phones, my phone, hand sanitizer and lotion. Although I live a quick 1-minute walk from the beach, I still pack yummy, healthy (and sometimes not so healthy….) snacks to munch on.

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  1. I’m envious that you are walking distance to the beach! The weather was really nice last week but it’s all rain this week. I don’t mind though. We get plenty of sunshine here haha