Outfits Jan 23, 2013

Black & White

I spent the majority of the week living the non-glamorous life. I sat on the couch in sweat-pants and p.j.’s watching my new favorite show, Prison Break. I have been mesmerized for the past four days watching episode after episode….. no joke! My sister introduced me to this program a few days ago and ever since, I have been hooked. Meanwhile, the series has already concluded so I am watching it on Netflix and I always feel compelled to hit “next episode” to catch up. Yesterday my sister forced me out of my house and we met up to grab lunch and do some decorating in her bedroom at her sorority house. I didn’t get out of my sweats all weekend so I decided to throw on some heels even though it was just a casual lunch date with my sista sista.

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  1. those shoes are amazing! i’ll have to check out prison break. my husband and i are always looking for something new to watch on the ‘flix. 🙂

  2. i love that you talk about prison break! throwback 😀 also the bars on the windows kinda have this prison feel which i am loving 🙂 haha xoRach

  3. GF!!!!! i need to know where you get your digs! that necklace… HELLO!