Beauty Jan 22, 2013

How To: High Pony Tail

As you may have noticed, from many of my posts, one of my easiest hairstyles is a messy bun. I always have admired people who rock that “cute” high pony. So over break, I decided to experiment and I attempted to recreate the adorable high pony up-do. The first step is to curl each section of your hair, in order to obtain overall volume. After I have curled all of my hair, I brush the curls out with my fingers (not a brush) to loosen them up. After this stage, I hair-spray the curls with a super hold hairspray. Because I have naturally thick hair, I use the hair bungee to tightly secure my pony tail. Then I pull my hair from the nape of my neck to the very tip top of my head and fasten it with the hair bungee. Finally, after all of the hair is secured, I gently loosen and pull out pieces of hair from my pony to soften the appearance of the face and then lightly curl each piece.

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