Outfits Feb 12, 2013

The Pink Dress

This dress has remained in my closet, for the past year and it has never been worn. I decided to break it out for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Since the 1st Day of February, I decided to celebrate all 13 days leading up to February 14th . Recently, I have been wearing variations of different shades of pink and red over the past couple of days. This dress would be the perfect dress to wear out for a dinner date or just drinks with friends. It is extremely comfortable and very festive. The long sleeves are surprisingly flattering and provide a little warmth so that you don’t have to bring an extra layer when you leave the house. Well….., I should add … if live on the west coast! I received these beautiful balloons from a friend over on Etsy, she ships fast and this big heart would be a great way to surprise your sweetheart, roommates, or friends when they arrive home after work or school, after a long Valentine Thursday. Do something spontaneous and leave one on their desk chair or in their bedroom…the big heart balloon just screams I love you, you’re amazing. (Purchase it here)

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