Dessert Feb 13, 2013

Ombré Red Cake


On Super Bowl Sunday, I decided to make a five layer cake. I went with red for the color because I was rooting for the 49?ers of course. I have never been a huge baker because I primarily enjoy creating and cooking any type of meal. Recently, I have become more of baker. I am determined to learn how to frost a cake, perfectly. Although I made this Ombré cake for the Super Bowl, I thought it would be a fun cake to recreate for Valentine’s Day. It may look difficult but it is really quite easy (just time consuming). I cheated and purchased classic white cake in a box to save time and money. You make the cake mix as it says on the box and split each box into to bowls……. from there, keep one layer white, then add a drop of red dye (for the light pink), two drops for the light-dark layer etc. Increase the amount of drops of food coloring for each bowl and each layer. Not only does this cake look festive and scrumptious, it is also deliciously yummy!! You can also recreate for other holiday’s or special events by using different colors.

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  1. This cake looks beautiful and delicious!! I want to try with different colors…. maybe a 4th of July Cake! Thanks for Sharing!!