Finally Friday Feb 08, 2013

Finally Friday

{ A few of my favorites. Obsessed with the red ShoeMint heels }

Yes it is FINALLY FRIDAY. I started out the week in Southern California where it was 70 degrees and partly sunny. I am now ending my week in New York where it is 25 degrees and snowing. I must say, that despite the cold weather I absolutely love this city!! I love it so much that the second I got settled into my hotel room I called my mom and told her that she’s lost me to NY. I know …I know…., I have been horrible about posting this week, but things were crazy with school starting and a unexpected quick trip to New York for Fashion Week. Yesterday I spent majority of the day getting organized and settled into my hotel room, I managed to make it out to three shows in the evening as well as dinner and drinks with old friends! Next week I have a bunch of fun Valentine’s Day inspired posts for you. During my stay here in New York, I am guest posting on Instagram and Twitter for The It Bags as well as Diablo Magazine, so be sure to check out their social media sites. Today a storm is supposed to hit and a foot of snow is expected to fall. I am so thrilled about being able to experience such a drastic change in weather. The extreme cold temperature is such a welcoming change. Oddly enough, I love this weather, I love being able to see my breath (it is a rare site to see it, living in San Diego) the brisk weather means pea-coats, beanies and scarfs all of which I LOVE and rarely have an opportunity to wear, living on the west coast. I am excited to tour the city this weekend as well as watch one of my best friends play basketball at Columbia. I am thrilled to be here in NY where I will be attending several more fashion shows throughout the next week. Here is a glimpse into my insanely hectic but totally electrifying, busy week! Stay tuned next week for Valentine’s Day inspired posts as well as snap shots from fashion week.

{ A few of the accessories for the this week. Includes beanie + chunky necklaces }

{ Love this place }

{ First show of the week – Sergio Davila }

{ My poor living room prior to leaving Wednesday }



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