Outfits Feb 05, 2013

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I can’t even express to you how obsessed I am with the croc-pot that my mom gave to me for Christmas. I have been using it non-stop to whip up quick and easy recipes for dinner. Last Sunday, I had the biggest craving for pulled pork. Surprisingly, it is probably THE easiest thing to make and it’s scrumptiously delicious. All Pulled Pork recipes usually have the same instructions…… slow cook the ingredients for a long time and that is why my new croc pot is so ideal! To add flavor….of course add onion and BBQ sauce to your pork and patiently let it cook. You can also top your sandwiches with flavored Coleslaw, crunchy shredded cabbage, Grated cheese, more onions and let’s not forget, more B-B-Q Sauce. Sometimes, Pork Shoulders can be so inexpensive and that is why I chose to prepare pulled pork as the perfect meal when I have a large group over to eat. ……You know….College Budget….! The Sunday before school started I had some friends over for dinner. I figured with the semester starting we needed a good home cooked meal to properly end winter break. I woke up early Sunday morning threw the ingredients in the pot and then ran errands and went to the gym. The mouthwatering aroma that filled the air, taunted all my neighbors and roommates but the wait was well worth it. I used a recipe my grandma gave me but this one is very similar.

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