Outfits Feb 04, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

{ Smiles BEFORE the end of the game }

Yesterday, my feelings were a mix between stressful and relaxing, as if those two things could co-exist? The day started out peaceful with a cup of coffee on the beach followed by a long run. Once the afternoon hit, the gears shifted towards food and football. I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen baking as well as cooking. I made a delicious cake and tons of appetizers, despite the outcome of the game I will forever be a 49er fan. I must say that the Super Bowl is much more exciting when your home team is playing in it. Yesterday, while watching the game, I decided to keep it simple and comfortable. Last week, my mom sent me a Super Bowl care-package (all things SF…of course!), one of the items in the box was this awesome shirt. I paired the festive home team shirt with lululemon leggings, converse shoes and a warm jean jacket.


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