Outfits Mar 19, 2013

Breezy Black

Around 12 pm yesterday, a boost of energy hit me and I instantly became very productive . All of the household chores that I have been dreading didn’t seem so bad anymore. After trying on multiple outfits I decided to go with something that was extremely comfortable and practical for a day filled with homework and errands. Lululemon leggings are a staple piece in my closet, I paired them with a poncho sweatshirt that I picked up from Forever21 years ago and topped it off with one of my favorite new infinity scarves from Brianne Faye. I spent the past weekend in L.A and I sported this scarf every day. It is the perfect transitional Spring scarf and it is completely versatile. As much as I love wearing dresses and heels, there are some days I just have the urge to dress sporty. I am also carrying my favorite bag from Lo and Sons that I received as a Christmas gift and I love it! They call it the O.G. bag but to me it is the “ultimate-blogger-student bag”. The light interior makes it easy to find things, and the laptop designated slip ensures that my laptop will always be safe. This multi-functional bag is not only used for school but also for traveling (and as you know….. I’ve been doing my share of that lately). You would be surprised to see the amount of things that this stylish but practical bag can actually fit!

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  1. that bag is freaking awesome. seems like you could fit all of the days necessities and some room for shopping etc! yay!