Outfits Mar 18, 2013

Target Spring Collection Collaboration

There are memories as a child that you simply DON’T  forget and let me tell you trips toTarget is one of them! Being one of four children,  visits to Target  were made quite frequently because it simplified my mom’s life. Target stores were a one  stop shop for her and a field trip for my siblings and I.  Yesterday I decided to venture to Target to “browse” except Target is one of those stores where I can never leave empty handed. As I was “browsing” I couldn’t help but admire all the bright and bold colors they are showcasing this Spring. Their new Spring collection is to die for and  I especially love this Bright Coral and Ebony Striped Dress. I wore this  dress around town and to the beach over the weekend and it was the perfect transition to the  unpredictable and  sporadic weather that we have had here  in San Diego.

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