Outfits Mar 27, 2013

Beach Wave Hair Tutorial

A couple months ago my sister asked me to come help her get ready for a sorority event. I gladly accepted the invitation, but when I got there I wasn’t much help. Both my sisters hopped on “the wand” trend and tossed their curling irons to the curb. For the longest time I didn’t understand what the “big” difference was between the wand and curling iron but after using my sisters wand over the past few days, I can totally see a difference. The first time I tried using the wand I walked away with two, maybe even three….. burns and funky looking hair. For some odd reason I couldn’t grasp how to wrap my hair around it so that it made a pretty curl and not a funky one. My sisters’ call me “wand challenged” but after tons of practice this past week I think I’ve got it down. The wand gives my hair the wavy effect and adds more volume than a normal curling iron would. I figured I would put together a “picture tutorial” for those who are wand challenged just like me!

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  1. Loooove the curls!! What wand do you use?? I need to get one of them ASAP!

  2. I love this. My hair is naturally curly and short right now, so I can’t do this hairstyle but it looks great on you!