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Carry On Essentials

I finally have my carry on essentials down pat since traveling one weekend after another over the past few weeks. I still have an over packing problem and I don’t know if that problem will ever be irreversible. My usual flight time (when I travel up and down the California coast) takes about 45 minutes by air so specific carry-on essentials have not been needed in the past. However, after taking longer flights to New York and Texas recently, I realized there are certain items that should always be packed in the bag under my seat. Here is a list of what’s in my carry-on bag every time I board a plane (yes…. Although the bag is heavy, it all fits!!)

Rechargeable phone case – This is a must have, must buy tech item. I purchased one before my trip to NY and I am obsessed. It is a life saver if you are on a plane, running errands, or even when you are out late on the weekends and run out of juice.
iPhone – Embarrassingly, I will admit, I don’t know what I would do without my iPhone. It is convenient to use during a flight especially when I don’t feel like pulling out my computer to listen to music or reply to emails.
Mac Book Pro – Absolute necessity for everyday life.
Dre Beats – I love these things……At first I was self-conscious wearing them because I felt that I looked like a “wanna be tough girl”. But now I can’t live without them while I am at the gym, the library or on a plane. They drown out any sound around you and allow you to get in the zone or zone out (your choice!)

Scarf – In my opinion, planes are always freezing cold so I love to have a scarf as well as light sweater to be able to pull out if the air gets chilly.
Socks – I like compression socks because not only do they keep my feet warm but it helps to reduce swelling due to the increase in altitude and air pressure.
Neck Pillow –I never really understood the use for these neck pillows, prior to my recent multiple flights. I like the ones that clip in the middle and allow you to shape it according to your preference.

Chapstick – My lips ALWAYS get chapped when traveling, even on long car rides. I always carry my EOS ball with me to avoid chapped lips.
Lotion – Who likes dry skin? Not me. I always carry lotion in my bag in case my hands, feet or legs need a little moisturizing.
Dermalogica Hydramist – This is amazing, I spritz some on my face prior to boarding and after landing. It helps freshen up my skin.
Lipgloss – My mom always told me that the only makeup a girl really needs is a little mascara and some lip gloss.


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