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Graduation Gift Guide

The other day I received a text message from a friend who asked for gift ideas for  another friend’s  graduation. At first I couldn’t really think of anything.  Of course, flowers are always a staple safe gift  but make sure it is a  beautiful  bouquet of flowers and gorgeously wrapped,  not something you pick up from Trader Joes on your way there.  I couldn’t really think of anything else at the moment, so my response was I’ll get back to you. A few days later a classmate,  who happens to be a mom,  asked me what she should get for her daughter for graduation. It was at that moment that I decided I should probably think about items that I (as a graduate) would need and appreciate. So I began to brainstorm about graduation gift ideas.  Here are just a few out of the ordinary items that I thought would make great gifts. Astonishingly,  your graduate may not even know he/she needs these items so it will be a great surprise. Personally, my favorite type of gift is one that isn’t expected and is a complete and total shock. But if your graduate has already specified what he/she wants do not stray from that because then there may be some level of disappointment if they don’t receive EXACTLY what they asked for.


Graduation Gift Ideas by Kailani:

1) Bottle of Wine Glass – Amazon – $ I haven’t quite entered the full-time work environment yet but I have heard that the first couple of weeks can be grueling and the only way to take the edge off of a long day is to enjoy and savor the flavors of  a nice glass (or bottle) of wine.

2) Rechargeable Phone Case – Amazon – $$ I purchased my rechargeable case before I left for New York. It was definitely a life saver in New York and it still currently is. In the middle of class when I lose juice I pull it out of my bag and it immediately starts charging. You wouldn’t even imagine how many people begin to ask what it is…. andwhere I bought it? At times it’s like being the only kid in the cafeteria who’s mom packed them a zip-loc full of sour gummy worms.

3) iPad Mini – Apple – $$$$ So this present may be a little on the pricey side along with No. 7 but an iPad is a great graduation gift. If your grad is moving to a city where they will be using public transportation it is a great way to kill time on the subway or a perfect way to lighten your load and get rid of that heavy laptop.

4) Card – Uncooked – $ Sometimes just a heartfelt card does the job. I can spend hours in card stores … reading … laughing and occasionally crying all of which I do out loud. Yes, even the reading. Uncooked has great cards for any occasion.

5) Business Cards – Minted – $$ Business cards are an essential for any college graduate. Whether, they have landed a job or not, Personalized Cards are a great accessory to carry around on any ordinary day. It is a bit classier than rummaging for a pen and writing your name and number on the back of a gum wrapper or a dirty napkin.  A simple card with  just a name, phone number and email address will suffice.

6) Framed Poster – $$ This is one of my favorite sayings and it is extremely applicable to any college or high school graduate. Simple framed words hung up in any area of the house are a great constant reminder or what you believe in.

7) iMac –Apple – $$$$ Let’s face it … Apple is always a great grad gift. If your grad is like me then after years of use in college and maybe even High School, his/her computer is completely tapped out to maximum capacity with information and they are most likely desperately in need of a new upgraded computer.

8) Work Bag – Lo & Sons – $$$ We have reached the world where backpacks are no longer visually, stylishly, acceptable. In the professional world it is not advisable to carry a big ole’ ugly bulky, unfashionable bag on your back as you proudly walk into your new job wearing a distinguished, classy new suit. Lo & Sons has an amazing array of both functional and versatile bags. Each bag is travel friendly and water resistant (I tested this fact out during the NEMO storm in NY).

9) Somethin’ Fancy / Michael Kors Watch – $$$ A nice watch is always a must especially in the real world…. we won’t have the luxury of school clocks on the wall anymore and it is not advisable to consistently carry our iPhone’s with us wherever we are so…..there goes our handy timekeeper (watch) to check the time.

10) Stationary – Minted – $$ This is such a great graduation gift. Personalized stationary with your first and last name makes any person feel more professional. These stationary cards can be used for many things, you can use them to send thank you cards  after an interview or just  send a sweet note in the mail. This is definitely a gift that may be low on (maybe not even on) your graduates wish list but it is something that without a doubt will get a lot of use.

11) Rubber Stamp – $$ This is great for sealing envelopes or adding a personal touch to a gift or blank note card. Help your graduate brand their identity and stand out from the rest of their competition.



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  1. I got a rechargeable phone case as a present and I absolutely love it! Thanks for your earlier post about buying one.