Outfits May 15, 2013

Pop of Pink

Shirt – Zara | Jeans – Nordstrom | Shoes – Target | Jacket – Forever21 | Necklace – Charlotte Russe | Bracelet – JewelMint (Buy Here)

My last round of finals have officially arrived,  however this time around I feel much different about the whole process.  My stress and anxiety levels are not as high this round of finals. I’ve thought about several reasons why I’m not  feeling overwhelmed and panicked right now… I don’t know if it’s primarily because majority of my finals are papers & not tests…Possibly because I did NOT  procrastinate like I normally do or maybe because I’ve  finally learned to  study &  embrace the responsibilities of being  a  college student…..? This week it ‘s all about simple style with minimal effort. I threw on my new Zara Basic shirt with a pop of pink for an afternoon filled with writing papers. I picked up this stellar statement necklace at Charlotte Russe the other day while “window” shopping. I can’t wait to pair it with flirty dresses and simple tank tops this summer. This morning, I will be spending majority of my time at my new favorite coffee shop here in Mission Beach finishing up the last of my papers. The easiest way to look stylish while studying is to use a statement accessory paired with simple staples (that are also comfy) and to keep your hair out of the way in a messy braid or a top knot (another favorite of mine).

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