Outfits May 22, 2013

Nature has it

Dress – Hammy Down | Bracelets – Forever21 | Shoes – MIA | Sunglasses – Flea Market | Bag- Forever21

Although I have been done with finals for quite some time now, yesterday I went to school to turn in my last and final college paper. As soon as I dropped it off I headed straight for Sprinkles Cupcakes. I figured that four years of hard work deserved at least a couple cupcakes and bottle of champagne. The weather has been gloomy hot. Yesterday I was ready to walk out of the house, I picked out my outfit according to what the sky looked like through my window …. but the second I stepped outside I immediately had to change. I reached for a simple green maxi which is actually a hand-me down from Mia. I adopted this maxi when she was cleaning out her closet and decided to throw it in the “get rid of” pile.

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