Outfits May 20, 2013

Organic Flower Bouquet

Sometimes the best boutiques of flowers come wrapped in brown paper and tied with bakers twine… or at least thats what I think. Last Thursday, after my last final I stopped at the Wholesale Flower Mart on the way home to pick up an assortment of flowers to have around the house as well as put together a little bouquet for my advisor who has been so helpful during my time at USD. When I saw that they had peonies I just about died. I have been on the hunt for these for weeks now so I was filled with joy when I purchased them. Flowers are a necessity in life (like I have said before they instantly turn a house into a home). You mustn’t attend a dance recital, play, graduation or even a first date with out some beautiful blooms in hand. My favorite assortment of flowers is something that looks organic and simple. Here are some great flowers this season that make a beautiful organic bouquet or center table piece.

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