Outfits May 14, 2013

Summer Top Picks: Part One



With almost six weeks until summer I am paying closer attention to the items that will enhance my summer wardrobe. This will be a three part series & today I am focusing on simple accessories for summer. In ridiculously hot weather an abundant amount  of accessories can be a burden which is why this Summer I will be sporting several statement necklaces that can be paired with a simple maxi dress or a pair of jeans and tennis. In my opinion a statement necklace can instantly transcend a regular old outfit into a chic effortless stylish one. Your nail color is another simple accessory that you may have never even considered, but polish adds that extra pop of color. YES, YOUR NAILS are an accessory!  Think about it…..,  how many times do people see your nails in any given day….?  Thanks to my mom for nagging me throughout my entire childhood about nasty chipped nail polish so it  has now become one of my biggest pet peeves as well. Nails are such an easy way to accessorize. This summer try a bright extensive mix of colors. I am particularly loving Essies’s colors on my nails right now. And lastly, I think it goes without saying that sunglasses are an absolute Summer must-have.

Keep an eye out for part two next week!

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