Outfits Aug 07, 2013

Music Festival Musts’

After working and attending San Francisco’s Fabulous OutsideLands Festival for the past five years. I have learned what not to wear and what to bring! I made the mistake of wearing open toe shoes my first year, not only were my feet freezing by the end of the night but they were also extremely dirty from all the dust (tip #1: Wear closed toe shoes). Living inland from the city the weather can be drastically different, it may be 85 degrees in the Easy Bay but the second we hit the bay bridge is is 58 and windy. Not living in the city I have learned to bring layers and lots of them (tip 2: Pack thin layers… scarfs, sweaters, socks and a beanie).

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  1. I love that bag! I’ve been looking for a versatile cross body. Where can I find it? Thanks.