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Today I have a hair appt. so I figured I would share with you my new favorite tool to gather hair-inspiration. I used to gather inspiration for today’s appointment as well as for hairstyles to try this fall. Whenever I go in to see me gal I always bring multiple photos of what I want my hair to look like after the cut and styles that I want her to teach me how to recreate on my own. With the hot weather still lingering I am really into braids (they help keep me cool and keep my hair out of my way) so I gathered a few of my favorite braids via  for her to teach me how to complete. Another thing I love for fall is volume but with my long hair it always seems impossible to get big volume for longer than 30 minutes – hopefully I will find some products to change that. If, so I will definitely share them with you. Now….. my long locks are my staple (or so I have been told) and people always cringe when I say that I want to chop it bob style. But, recently I have really considered choppin’ my hair and donating it.

I have always loved the bob as well as A-Line look and envy people who have that style. The last time I chopped (literally CHOPPED) my hair was in 6th grade right before school pictures. My mom was in a facial and told me not to bother her so I decided to make an executive “big-girl” decision… and that was to go short. The man with the scissors didn’t question it and started cutting. When my mom walked out I think she stopped breathing for a good five minutes and then she started to cry. I was stoked on my new hair but, my mom didn’t feel the same. Sadly, I think that even though I am twenty-something years old my mom would still have the same reaction as she did 12 years ago if I were to chop my hair today. In fact, she is probably reading this right now freaking out and I will probably receive a text of reasons why I shouldn’t chop it. BUT….. I guess time will tell what decision I go with at today’s appointment. Check my Instagram to see if I chopped or kept my long locks! @KailaniAndrade


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  1. I think a cut like the picture of katie holmes would look great on you. Besides hair always grows, its fun to change up your look now and then.