Outfits Sep 18, 2013

Respect the Tee

Skirt – Zara | Shirt – Zara | Bag – HM | Cuff – ShopStyle | Shoes – Zara | Necklace – Loft

After visiting New York I was inspired by all of the amazing fashion. Wearing Short Stap-y heels has become  one of my new obsessions. At first I was apprehensive  about making a purchase of short heel sandals, but after trying on a pair….that all changed.  I generally gravitate toward giant chunky wedges (the taller the better) primarily,  because I rely on them to add height to my 5’2 frame. My biggest fear with the short heel was that it would look odd on my short little legs but after trying on  this simple black pair,  I instantly fell in love.  I wore these sandals for the remainder of my stay in NY because they were extremely comfortable as well as versatile. You can buy similar ones here. 


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