Outfits Oct 30, 2013

Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If your anything like me you plan on getting things done early but generally have a tendency to be a last minute kind of person. Last week, during dinner with a friend the conversation started to head toward Halloween Weekend plans. It then quickly followed with “Kai, you need to help me put together a costumeā€¦” Sadly, my response wasn’t really what he wanted to hear at the moment. I told him how horrible I am with halloween costumes and that I hadn’t even thought of what I wanted to wear. Being that this conversation was almost two weeks ago you would think that I would get my @#%* together and figure something out but I hadn’t. So last night I found myself stressing out over a costume for a last minute event we decided to go to. As much as I wish I was really creative and elaborate with my costumes I resulted to items around the house and in my closet as well as my sisters, moms and grandmas.

Sooooo if your anything like me and don’t plan ahead here are a few last minute costume ideas that you may be able to find in your closet!

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