Finally Friday Nov 01, 2013

Finally Friday

{ Dolce&Gabbana Favorites that sit on my sink }

It’s always a bummer when computer problems throw your day off. Yesterday it was a constant battle between  the router and my computer. As a result  of my continued computer frustrations, I finally decided to give up and go for a run. Instead of dressing up for Halloween  last night I stayed home and decided to hand out candy to all the neighborhood kids. My personal favorites are the young adorable kiddies who come in their costumes with a bucket bigger than their head. I am always thrilled when I  have an excuse to  go to the  city so today I am taking an early trip into SF to meet with Dolce & Gabbana’s Makeup Artist. Make your appointment with Christian for tomorrow’s event at Saks Fifth Avenue on Post Street.


{ Work in progress wall art }

{ Pulling out my fall accessories }

{ Crisp Fall nights under the lights in the backyard }

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