Beauty Jan 28, 2014

Beauty Tips and Ticks

Olive Oil – I have used Olive Oil to remove my makeup since high-school. It works like a charm and even removes tough residue and waterproof makeup in a matter of seconds. I mainly use the Olive Oil to remove my eye makeup and then continue to remove the remainder of the make-up with Dermalogica’s Pre-Cleanse wipes.

Safety Pin – My sister taught me this trick. She always has a safety pin in her makeup bag. On days your mascara seems to be extra clumpy… use a safety pin to carefully separate your eyelashes.

B.B.Thickening Spray – This is a new favorite product I have added to my beauty routine. Prior to having short hair I didn’t use much product but now that I have much shorter hair and multiple layers I really enjoy B.B.’s thickening spray. It adds wonderful un-done texture to my hair.

Drink Water – I am a huge water drinker, by 12 pm I usually have already consumed 4 or 5 water bottles full of water. It is the biggest secret to keeping healthy glowing skin.

Creative Lash Curler – I never use a lash curler until recently. I have always curled my eyelashes with my blow dryer. After I apply my mascara, I let it sit for a little bit … then I gently apply heat while using my finger to lift the lashes up.

Lovely Lips – Exfoliation is key. It helps remove the dead skin and helps dry lips become plump and moist. After exfoliation I always moisturize with Vaseline not Chapstick.

Coconut Oil – Once again this is another beauty tip that my sister got me hooked on. Coconut Oil is not only a great substitution in the kitchen but it also is extremely moisturizing for your hair as well as your skin.

Refining Mask – I love dabbing a little of this refining mask on a problem pimple and leaving it on over night. It helps to dry out the pimple and minimize redness.



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